Best Podcast Name Ideas in 2020: The Essential Guide

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Podcast Name Ideas

Why, of course, it’s the name of the Podcast!

So, if you are planning to have a podcast of your own, I am here to talk about podcast name ideas.

Let’s see some interesting facts about Podcasts first.

A Podcast name can be 255 characters long.
You can clip long titles.
An average podcast title normally is 29 characters long.
Most of them are shorter than 29 characters.
15% of top Apple podcasts have the word “podcast” in their titles.
The median range of show title is 20 characters across niches
52% of podcast listeners use iOS & 43% use Android
750,000 active podcasts were found in 2019.
105 million active listeners on Amazon Prime podcasts as of June 2019.

I am sure you know that the podcast name is, what will take you to your fame.

Who am I, to talk suddenly about the podcast names?

Well, to begin with, I host my podcast.

I know what a pain it is, to choose an apt name for your site and your podcast.

I began my podcast from scratch. In short, I was not famous enough to start it in my name and this added to my woes.

Believe me, I stayed up late at night for almost quite a few days to find out, that one name.

I still remember I had a big white sheet of paper, right in front of me, where I kept striking out names that I did not want to use for my podcast. I had sketched out an initial list of random names, I heard or came across during that period.

After striking out, names after names, I knew it was not working out. I then understood, I must first know, what I mustn’t do while trying to decide upon the best podcast name.

This is exactly the reason why I will first tell you what you should not do, once you have decided to name your podcast.

I have shared some great tips and online podcast name generators, to help you pick the best podcast name.

Useful Tips For Selecting a Good Podcast Name?

Avoid choosing a random name for your podcast

Do not give just any name to your podcast. It could be the same name as someone else’s podcast name. So, choose wisely,

  • If some creative words have popped up in your mind, keep them aside for the time being.
  • Check thoroughly if it is already a taken podcast name.

Be thorough since similar-sounding names also can create a lot of confusion. If you have found a podcast with a name that sounds like yours, try avoiding them. Do not try using extra alphabets or do not try tweaking the names. Instead, choose better podcast names.

This was the reason why I kept striking out the names from my white sheet. Remember!

Choose your name if you are famous

You could have chosen your name if you are someone famous. But if you are not famous, like me, then do not entertain that easy name dancing in your head.

Try to describe your name a little

Descriptive names, trust me are better. Describing your work can get you, good listeners, since they talk about your work.

Aren’t they slightly boring?

I know they are, but as long as you have nice content who cares?

Avoid a lot of commas in the name of your choice

Don’t try too many commas in your podcast name. It could get your podcast rejected.

Oh yes! They do get rejected by Apple iTunes many times and then you can be back to square one, scrambling again for a name.

Try an effective keyword in the name

Try to assign a keyword to your podcast name for helping the search engine crawlers identify your podcast.

What do Podcast Listeners Search for?

At the end of the day, all we want is to be found!

Now that you know what not to do while you are deciding on the name, here are some tips that can help you choose your podcast name better.

A good name for a podcast must have some of the ingredients described below.

  • If you have a brand, use that name.
  • Do not use keywords alone or do not try to be too creative. A good name must be a balance of both. Try having a keyword in the name and then blend it with your creativity.
  • Don’t try to slip keywords after the title of your podcast. Apple has pulled down a lot of podcasts who tried this trick.
  • Check if the domain is available for that name.

Wait, one second, did you read the word domain?

Yes, you did! You read it right.

If people like your podcast they might want to find out more about you and where do they go to find you out?

To your website, of course!

It is quite understandable that your domain name and your podcast name must be the same.

So, if you don’t get the URL with the preferred name, then move on!

Choose something else, but make sure it’s a good podcast name.

Borrowing inspiration is never wrong.

Even stealing inspiration is not larceny.

So, what are you waiting for? Brush through idioms and synonyms to find out the right combination of words for a cool podcast name.

Next point needs your time and attention.

Search through the podcasts in your niche. This can give you a good idea of how you can influence your listeners, with just those few words you use, as your podcast name.

  • Make it brief and cute, play with words to see what fits better.
  • Always know one important fact- make sure you appear on search engines. Keep it SEO friendly by incorporating powerful keywords into the name.
  • Consider keeping a name that people can hear out easily. Don’t name your podcast as, “Fifty shots.” This can be slightly ambiguous. People might hear it as fifty or fifteen.

Instead keep the name as, “Hundred shots.” A clean, crisp & catchy podcast name, can give you a much better start.

Lastly, don’t forget the tone. Convey your tone through your words appropriately.


“Cursory” for a quick brush-up of news or recipes. It could also be for a brief music update, anything of this sort.

“The Illustrious mishmash” for your blog on parenting.

Best Podcast Name Generators

If you’re having a hard time coming up with a name then you must try – name generators.

Here are a few places where you can find some respite. Don’t avoid this help, since, sometimes you are just a step away from that big discovery. Use all options you have.


Nameboy is a popular and one of the oldest name generators where you might find some help. If you run out of ideas or you want some inspiration, this is the perfect place to find inspiration. They offer you a lot of services. Visit the site for more information available quite handy on the site.


This podcast name generator is an awesome place to start as they offer good podcast name ideas and collaborate brilliantly for your needs. Every project comes with a legal contract. The duration of the project is based on your needs.

They would understand your business, your requirements, and then would suggest a name that can help your company stand out in the crowd. Services offered are within an affordable range, absolutely risk-free. Their delivery time is pretty quick. Find your business name using CrowdSpring.


This is an online one-stop business name generator where names can be generated free of cost by using some keywords. However, there is an availability of premium names as well and to unlock or use them you might have to shell out a little from your pocket.

You also find several branding experts offering their views that can help you generate a name that ticks in the market. Check-out Biznamewiz.

BusinessNameGenerator (BNG)

BNG offers an online podcast name generator, which can be used by anyone to generate a good name for your business. There is a tool that can generate names for your podcast. Once you type your preferences and your industry type, BNG will try to verify in the backend if the name has been already taken by someone.

By using this site, you can choose your name according to your needs and choices.

Finally what must be done after the podcast name is generated?

Conclusion: To wrap up this name game, now, I must say, at the end of the day, out of the million podcast name ideas you must have come across by now, you have to decide and choose the one that suits you best.

If you can’t find it yourself, then I recommend taking help from professional services like Crowdspring.

Remember just three things

  1. Make sure people find you easily.
  2. Ensure you don’t copy anyone else’s podcast name.
  3. Use a funny podcast name idea if nothing else works out for you. Such funny names can also bring you fame and listeners, at the end of the day.

All the confusion is just for a name, but a good one is what can sail you through.

The name should represent you and your content, to help you come up, in front of the right audience.

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