7 Online Survey Tools to Skyrocket Your Survey Creation

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Best Online Survey Tools

Are my customers satisfied with the product? Will my product be a success or a flop? If these thoughts grip your mind, online survey tools are your liberator.

Every business needs to know its customer’s taste to make an imprint in the market. They can use online survey tools to get a competitive edge by analyzing the voice of the customers.

Online survey templates are the web forms filled up by the target audience. These forms help to provide statistical analytics from customer feedback.

Online Survey Tools function on the “software as a service” model to make them convenient for the users. Surveyors can choose between the free or paid route depending on the audience’s reach.

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Online survey questionnaires help to collect data related to market research on products. The company can publish survey results on social media and can create a brand value in no time.

People love visuals, so the surveyor can create surveys that include infographics. Online survey tools help the surveyor to include audio, images, and graphs in the survey.

Many Online Survey Tools are available at the fingertips to gather information about the market. Online surveys include web searches, online questionnaires, templates, and customer feedback forms.

Best Online Survey Tools

Let’s describe a few Online Survey Tools which will help the surveyor to get the insight of market research. One can create a survey to run a poll or test the idea of the business.


SurveyMonkey is a powerful online survey maker used to execute a non-manual survey. It will help in collecting feedback, opinions, criticism, and suggestions from potential customers.

They add a ton of other features to make the collection and analysis of data an amazing experience. SurveyMonkey provides easy access to get opinions from potential and existing customers.

The product owner will get the exact analysis of test concepts and can measure the brand grasp.

Features of SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey provides powerful professional tools to create a survey. There are four pricing plans available for using online survey tools with the free trial.

  • The trial plan allows access to the basic tools to create surveys suitable as per requirements.
  • SurveyMonkey provides specific inbuilt and customized online survey templates. The questionnaire includes customer satisfaction, demographics, communities, market research, service industries, politics, etc.
  • Online survey makers provide features to add questions with images and videos.
  • SurveyMonkey provides a drive for making a clever decision for different business departments. It helps in analyzing the result of online surveys for better decision-making.


SurveyGizmo is an advanced online survey tool to complete tasks through custom coding. Every organization collects feedback from the customer through online surveys but never acts.

The software draws the database from the dashboard and hand-over it to those who can act on it. They provide the guardrails to IT with flexibility.

SurveyGizmo provides exceptional services in creating powerful surveys. These survey makers create the most advanced survey projects in a fun, easy, and affordable way.

SurveyGizmo has great deals for amazing services with free trials. It provides monthly and annual subscriptions at an affordable cost.

This online survey tool never asks for any sensitive information from the customer. Safe and secure services makes it the best survey tool in the industry.

Features of SurveyGizmo

  • Advanced layout and reporting features
  • Bulk edit mode streamlines operations.
  • Strong support via conference, forums, phone, and videos.

SurveyGizmo is the best survey tool for Fortune 500 Startups. It helps in data collection, analysis, and integration to solve real business problems.

SurveyGizmo helps clients to gather feedback from customers to integrate core business applications. It maintains transparency and does not include any hidden costs.

SurveyGizmo provides research insight and meets the high standard of information security. It helps in merging the feedback and connects across the organization.


Qualtrics provides survey makers that help to create surveys and distribute them worldwide. They analyze the responses from one convenient online location to all faculties

It is a Web-based survey maker to test ideas and conduct market research and analyze user feedback. The survey maker helps in the evaluation of other data collection activities.

Anyone can use this suite to create surveys, send, and access the responses at any time from any device. The Survey Maker of this online survey tool is an unapologetic professional.

Qualtrics goes extra mile for the enterprises that can pay for flexibility. The software built-in dynamic reporting tools make it the best tool for enterprises.

  • Individuals can post assorted surveys at the same time and in 48 different languages.
  • The ability to export data to SPSS, CSV, PDF, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  • It gives the freedom to the respondent to pause in mid-survey and resume later.
  • This Online survey tool provides real-time collaboration opportunities. Surveyor can share it with other CSULB and non-CSULB users
  • Qualtrics survey makers power everything from market research to customer experience.

It provides sophisticated global management solutions from business: customer, employee, and product experience. Surveyors can use the basic trial to choose the paid one.


Easily automate data collection and analysis for the organization. It helps in designing and distributing the survey questionnaire and closing the loop.

SoGoSurvey is an advanced online survey tool that works with mixed surveys. They include merging, dashboard, reporting canvas, and can produce Pivot Tables in reports.

SoGo survey maker brings a special deal for the students with the free trial. They create PR for them and extend the benefit of their platform to the next generation.

  • SoGoSurvey provides 24/7 customer support, deep analytics, and industry-leading data security.
  • The survey maker is an affordable and powerful survey creation tool.
  • The tool has the option to choose the language from the English/Spanish survey language.
  • It provides a bulk-editing mode and advanced support with a pleasant user interface. SoGoSurvey has the best options as free non-profit upgrades and customer service.

Offers a free trial, so you can try before adopting the best plan for the organization. The basic package can give the surveyor a feel of the software before upgrading to a paid plan. They don’t accept credit cards.


SurveySparrow takes initiative to turn the blend survey questionnaire into pleasant conversation. It assists in creating surveys that engage and present a chat-like experience.

SurveySparrow conducts various surveys including classic form, chat survey, offline kiosk, and more.

An amazing online survey tool, it has built-in automation and schedules regular re-surveying. SurveySparraw shares the results across all the channels with their respective audience.

It grants insight into the executive dashboard, customer report, text, and sentiment analysis. The team provides 24/7 support.

The user-face interface resembles the respondent as a messaging app. Options like choosing a template or build one from scratch are available for the user.

Features of SurveySparrow

  • Manage more than one account for different teams in your company under a single user. Sub-accounts under parent accounts come with the centralized billing and hassle-free checkout.
  • Gather data from global users, using multilingual surveys and questionnaires with dropdown options.
  • Configure the survey to take action on survey triggers by setting conditions.

SurveySparrow has the survey logic, Drag and drop, and many more options to create surveys. It is a paid service.

Typeform Survey

Typeform Survey maker is a convenient platform. It provides free access to a million images and videos. Online survey makers help to create interactive forms, surveys, quizzes, etc.

It helps in getting better data by converting survey questionnaires into friendly conversations.

Typeform allows combining it with different other platforms to unlock more data. One can create spreadsheets, noko, coda, enjoyHQ, DigitalOcean, and many more.

The advanced features of the online survey tool forecast questions type as one set them down.

  • The survey maker makes it easy to create a survey questionnaire by typing like a notepad.
  • Survey templates are attractive to draw audience attention with numerous design options.
  • A live preview is available to know how the survey questionnaire looks.
  • Typeform team helps create personalized questions’ path with unlimited Logic Jumps. It provides the channel with hidden fields to greet people by name.
  • This Survey Tool helps in taking personal follow-ups in HubSpot, Mailchimp.
  • Typeform team optimizes the marketing campaign with Google Tag Manager and Facebook pixel.

These advanced features in a free version are great, especially the unlimited question-answer. Logic jumps are not available for CORE users. The free plan available here as a CORE plan.


This online survey tool is easy to use and builds branded surveys by using a drag and drop questionnaire. GetFeedback have an auto-generated survey template to save time and create a survey

GetFeedback has the availability of every organization- big or small. This Online survey helps the customer to register their expectations and feedback.

Anyone can build engaging online surveys in minutes and distribute them through email. It can also upload on your website, or through social media platforms.

GetFeedback measures and improves customer experience with beautiful, mobile compatible surveys. It helps in providing powerful real-time analytics and custom notification.

  • Provides a great customer experience with real-time feedback from the user.
  • GetFeedback survey tool has advanced features to build design by using keynote & PowerPoint. It also includes images and videos, and short answers.
  • GetFeedback embeds online surveys on websites, web apps, and social media trends. It helps to generate higher survey completion rates and promote an organization online.
  • The team of GetFeedback provides services like share, copy, or collaborate with others. The users involved in creating a survey questionnaire are different from response analyzers.

GetFeedback provides the subscription with a free trial offer. The paid services involve the advanced features for the organization. It helps in collecting feedback from different media including email, social media. There are several themes provided to create a survey.

How to Make a Survey Questionnaire

Online Survey tool offers personal and enterprise services for collecting feedback from customers. Survey creation starts with survey questionnaires on a default survey template. We can add specific features and customize to make it more fun, easy, and attractive to customers.

1. Create a Survey

Anyone can create an online survey by adding questions on a blank page or can add a survey template. Surveyors can copy and paste the old survey to the templates provided and edit it.

2. Add Question and Pages

One can add their question or choose auto-written questions from the question bank. In case there is a long survey, break it up into different pages, and organize the data into sections to make it easy.

3. Apply Logic

After setting the survey questionnaire and survey templates, it’s time to apply logic. It will help in collecting valuable data and create a professional survey experience. Surveyors can customize the logic like branches to create survey personalization for respondents.

4. Customize the Design

After applying Logic, fine-tune the Survey template to define the look of the survey. The survey maker allows a customized way to look, feel, and function by adding visuals. This will help to engage the respondents and lead to a higher response rate.

5. Preview and Send

Surveyor needs to preview the live survey questionnaire before publishing it. This will help to know how it will work on different devices like desktop and Android.


The online survey maker websites are important to understand the need and feedback of the user. Every Online survey is different from each other depending on the size of the enterprise.

SurveyGizmo ensures the efficient use of customer response by drawing from the dashboard. The team hands over the response to the people who can take action according to the feedback.

SurveyGizmo is the best survey software to recommend because of its amazing features:

  • Offline response collection
  • Skip logic
  • Site intercept survey
  • Support audio/Visual/ Images
  • Mobile survey
  • email Marketing
  • Easy survey creation

They provide technical support to the client to resolve any issues. It resolves queries related to the survey template, questionnaire, and analyzes the response.


Online Survey Tools provide freedom to the organization to extend its wings. They provide survey makers, survey templates, questionnaires, team support to analyze results, and all other great features needed for survey creation in a few clicks.

Different survey sites provide different templates and amazing services on desktop, Android, and iOS and use them to grow your business.

You can use online survey tools for market research, collecting customers’ emails, and may other use-cases (examples: here)

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