11+ Best Online Punctuation Checker Tools [Free and Paid]

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best online punctuation checker

If you’re looking for the best online punctuation checker or a corrector tool, you’re in the right place. It’s not NEWS that any website or blog can get a high ranking on Google if the content is perfect with no grammatical mistakes.

52% of bloggers have reported that it is becoming tougher to produce content that can genuinely engage readers.

Honestly, most content creators and bloggers don’t bother much about the punctuation mistakes. But if you want to stand out of the crowd and make a mark, you should consider writing error-free content that can get you an upper hand.

As a writer, I know that we all can make silly mistakes in punctuations. Misplaced punctuations can entirely change the meaning of the sentence and can give a wrong impression to the readers.

Various excellent grammar and punctuation checker tools have come to my rescue several times in my writing journey. These tools can give you an advantage on SEO and can make your content more reliable and attractive.

Top Online Punctuation Checker Websites and Tools in 2020

Here’s a list of 14 best punctuation checker tools. These will help you correct all punctuation mistakes like wrong use of commas, incorrect omissions of commas, semicolons, full stops, etc.  

1. Grammarly

Grammarly surely tops the list as it is the best online punctuation and grammar checker and corrector tool. It’s available in 2 versions- basic (free) and premium (paid). It corrects more than 250 grammatical errors, which includes punctuation and other errors.

Grammarly analyzes the grammatical error automatically without modifying the writing style, fonts, and overall formatting of the document.

Grammarly extension is used on all kinds of writing platform like Facebook, E-Mail, WordPress, etc. Grammarly plugins can be installed on popular browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. You can also install the plugin on MS Word application. Visit Grammarly

2. WhiteSmoke

If there’s any website or tool that can come close to providing the features of Grammarly as efficiently, it is WhiteSmoke. It’s taken as a hard-hitting competitor to Grammarly. 

WhiteSmoke also helps in finding out and rectifying the grammatical mistakes, and it also marks out the punctuation errors. The only thing which lacks in WhiteSmoke is that it’s not as good at finding context-specific grammar mistakes at times.

But there’s something which gives it an upper hand over Grammarly, and that is that it is also available as an Android and iOS app. With WhiteSmoke as an add-on to your browser, you can correct punctuation and grammar on the go! Visit WhiteSmoke

3. Ginger Punctuation Checker

As the name suggests, Ginger is a punctuation checker tool that also helps in correcting grammatical mistakes along with punctuation errors.

Ginger Punctuation Checker is available in 2 versions- free as well as pro.

Unlike WhiteSmoke, Ginger can efficiently correct the mistakes even in context-specific sentences. Not just this, it also suggests great synonyms which can make your sentences more attractive. It detects excessive utilization of the punctuation points in your writing.

4. After the Deadline

After the Deadline is a punctuation and grammar tool by Automatic, the brain behind WordPress CMS. It is available as a command-line interface tool on browsers like Firefox, Chrome, and OpenOffice extension. Unfortunately, though, you cannot have it as an add-on to your MS Word.

If you’re a blogger, you’d be aware that ‘After the Deadline’ comes with the WordPress Jetpack plugin. This punctuation and grammar checker tool can also be found in the web interface at PolishMyWriting. Enter the text and click on ‘check writing’ to trace the punctuation and grammatical errors and rectify them. Download After the Deadline

5. ProWritingAid

This tool is much more than just being a punctuation checker online. Along with accurately checking the grammar and punctuation, it also helps in alliteration, style editing, complicated words, dialog tags, homonyms, readability, sentence length, clichés, repeats, redundancies, corporate wording, consistency and much more!

ProWritingAid analyzes the content automatically and deletes all the punctuation and grammar mistakes. It’s the only tool that can be used in Google Doc, MS Word, Open Office, Scrivener, and Google Chrome!

6. PaperRater

With PaperRater, you can paste your written content in the editor or load the document file in there, and once you click on “get report”, it will start analyzing your content. You’ll get a report of all the grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, punctuation errors, and writing style.

Just like Grammarly, with the premium version of this tool, you’ll also get a plagiarism detector.

7. SpellCheckOnline

SpellCheckOnline is a free punctuation checker tool. It’s available in many languages like German, Spanish, French, Italian, Danish, Portuguese, and many more. It has a simple tool for quickly finding the grammatical and punctuation mistakes in your copy. 

You can copy the entire write up or upload your Word, Excel or PowerPoint document and check for grammatical mistakes with this online tool. Explore PaperRater

8. Language Tool

Not as popular, Language Tool is quite an efficient open-source punctuation and grammar checker. It’s available as an add-on on different browsers, web version, standalone desktop app, Google add-on, and also as an add-on for LibreOffice.

It’s a free tool with exceptional features. Not only English, it checks grammar of 32 languages. Check out LanguageTool

9. Reverso Spell Checker

Reverso Spell Checker is used primarily as a punctuation checker of sentences. It’s helpful in different ways, like correcting the grammar and punctuation errors from the content accurately.

The best thing about the Reverso Spell Checker tool is that it is an automatic and interactive online spell checker that can efficiently give positive results. Visit Check out LanguageTool

10. GrammarBase

GrammarBaseis a top-rated grammar-checking tool that checks contextual spellings, grammatical errors, writing style, plagiarism, and punctuation errors.

All you have to do it enter your text and click on “Start Checking”. The tool will check for all the errors and give you the report in no time.

11.  EssayOnTime

EssayOnTime is among the best punctuation checker tools. It’s mainly famous for checking and presenting the punctuation and grammar corrections in different colors. It’s quite helpful in the way that you can navigate through your mistakes in a much efficient manner.

This software helps in writing texts that are error-free regarding punctuation, style, and grammar. EssayOnTime also suggests synonyms that do not click instantly and can make the writing enjoyable.EssayOnTime

12. Garretson Punctuation Checker

Garretson Punctuation Checker isn’t precisely a full-fledged grammar checker tool. It’s dedicated only to checking the punctuation mistakes in the writing. Yes, it has just one job, but it does it well.

All you need to do is paste your content with a maximum limit of 10,000 words into the tool, and it will look for all the punctuation errors in the writing. It will mark the omissions or improper use of punctuations in red. It is a simple web-based tool and doesn’t have any apps or add-ons available.

13. Online Correction

You can make your content a lot more valuable with the Online Correction punctuation checker tool. It not only checks all the mistakes in your content but also rectifies it.

Mistakes such as punctuation errors, grammatical errors, stylistic errors, and spelling errors in your content can be easily dealt with with the help of this tool. The tool consists of an autocomplete feature that showcases all the corrections separately on another page.

The platform allows different English accents, including the UK, US, and Australian. If you’re someone who likes simplicity like me, then the online revamp of this tool is for you with its minimalistic design.

14. AutoCrit

This grammar checker tool is designed especially for checking fictional write-ups for grammatical mistakes. It is equally effective as Ginger. It’s among the top tools for correcting grammatical errors.

The specialty of the tool to be especially suitable for fictional writing is also a disadvantage as many people don’t recommend it for standard content proofreading. Check out AutoCrit

Wrap Up

If this list hasn’t given any solution to your confusion, I would suggest you get the premium version of Grammarly.

I use it. It doesn’t just correct the punctuation errors, but also helps in bettering your entire content with grammar and plagiarism check, synonym suggestions, and writing style recommendations. I love it and I am sure you’ll love it too! It’s totally worth it.

Nonetheless, even after using all these tools, it’s always better that you check your writing manually for any grammar or punctuation errors. None of the automated tools are perfect. They are amazing companions in proofreading, but cannot ever counterfeit manual proofreading.

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