25 Genius Ways to Find Online Jobs for Teens

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Online Jobs for Teens

Are you under 18, thinking of taking up a part-time job this summer to self-fund your trip to Miami, Florida with your friends, or are you trying to save for a new gaming console?

You can try online jobs for some quick cash through some reliable sites that offer Online jobs for teens with a great amount of freedom.

Now, all you would need for accessing such job opportunities is just a computer and an internet connection and yes, of course, a Paypal account. Isn’t it easy?

In this write-up, we would also tell you how online jobs can be different from traditional offline jobs. So, go through the points below to know the key differences and benefits of online jobs for teenagers and how you can benefit as opposed to traditional jobs.

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This article would also suggest a few quick and smart valid online platforms which offer a good return in exchange for a few quick surveys or assessments.

Benefits of online jobs for teens over traditional part-time jobs:

As per the U.S. Department of Labor, about 50 % of American teenagers are involved in some form of part-time jobs. Many teens start working early, and by the time they finish high school, around 80% of them are actively working on part-time jobs.

Before the internet era, kids had to rely on part-time offline jobs which had several drawbacks. With the advent of online opportunities in several fields, working has really become easy for teens nowadays. Therefore, below we have highlighted the benefits of online jobs.

  • As teens, even if you don’t own a driving license, you can still work from the comfort of your home without the need actually to drive and go anywhere.
  • Working online provides more flexibility to manage your busy schedule.
  • It helps bring better life balance and provides more opportunity to prioritize your career and educational commitments.
  • For teens, working online doesn’t pose any challenge as they are already well-versed in handling computers and various online apps.
  • You don’t need to acquire any special skills or gain technical expertise as most of the online jobs require basic computer skills which you already know.
  • Jobs for teens online can also help them earn some quick bucks to afford their lifestyle as well as educational needs.
  • Teens can obtain professional experience in their desired field to add a feather to their cap.
  • Online job opportunities for teenagers can help them earn recommendations easily from their peers and also enhance their networking capabilities.
  • Working helps them understand how to manage their finances and most importantly teach them how to start saving & investing early in their lives.
  • Working on online jobs can provide opportunities to learn new skills.
  • Young adults can gain more confidence in themselves besides learning to use their free time constructively and responsibly.
  • It can help instill proper work ethics in them from an early age that can benefit them in their adulthood.

How can you avoid scams?

It is to be noted that sometimes people might run into some fake opportunities and scams. It is particularly easy to trick people, particularly youngsters and teenagers, especially in the case of online jobs.

Therefore, when you are planning to take up some online job opportunities, then you can do the following to make sure that you don’t get tricked or cheated.

Is someone asking you to pay?

Genuine jobs are supposed to pay you and not ask money for to give you an opportunity. Therefore, don’t fall for such traps where you are asked to make payments to HR for placement or buy some software products.

Are you being asked to meet someone personally?

Beware if someone is asking you to meet personally. Usually, for a part-time online job, this kind of meeting is not required.

However, even if the need arises, then you may seek your parent’s guidance and have them accompany you in the meeting.

Does it appear fishy?

If the job offer seems too good to be true, then you may want to stay out of such opportunities.

Are you being subjected to give out too much personal information?

Be cautious when you are delving out personal information or financial information to anyone.

25 Useful Online Jobs for Teens

One of the tested ways to earn some fast cash legitimately is through the below-mentioned summer jobs for teens. Besides, earning money, teens and youngsters can also learn essential skills and gain adequate experience through such opportunities.

1. Vlogging with YouTube

YouTube is one of the top-ranking online platforms to get started these days with your video stories. If you look at the stats, then some of the highest-paid YouTubers are kids in recent times.

YouTube doesn’t offer just opportunities for jobs for teens online but rather provides a scope to set up a vlogging business with little or no investment from your end.

With some adult supervision, you can easily begin a YouTube channel and initiate your vlogging career by demonstrating your best skills to the world.

2. Get paid for surveys with Swagbucks

Young adults can start as early as 13 years of age to participate in online surveys and do a variety of other activities to earn money.

Other activities include performing a web search, playing games, and even shopping to gain cashback amounts. A group of friends can refer to each other and also earn referral amounts.

Thus, this can be a perfect summer job for teens who want to indulge in some useful activity and earn fast cash. Visit SwagBucks

3. Paid survey opportunity with Survey Junkie

If you are a 13-year-old teenager or above, then you can participate in paid surveys and just answer some simple questions to earn some bucks.

So, you see that performing such tasks is easy and requires significantly less time commitment from your end. Explore SurveyJunkie

4. Market research with YouGov

On this legitimate survey panel, you can find an opportunity for summer jobs for high school students.

If your age is 16 years and above, then you can easily be a part of this global market research and data company and gain benefits. Explore YouGov

5. Branded Surveys

Complete online surveys and other tasks that have been laid out in three levels on this site for the participants, i.e. Bronze, Silver, and Gold levels. As you complete each level, you can collect credits and move to the subsequent higher level for unraveling more earning opportunities.

As you complete one level and move up to a higher level, you can unlock more rewards which is what makes this online job opportunity for teenagers exciting. Visit Branded Surveys

6. Take paid surveys with Paid Viewpoint

How about taking up short surveys and gaining $400? Sounds enticing, right?

Well, Paid Viewpoint provides this scope to teenagers who are 13 years old and above.

7. Participate in polls with The Harris Poll

HarrisPoll is one of the world’s earliest and most prestigious e-polls that can serve as an amazing summer job for college students

The surveys and polls are designed and conducted around important decisions of the government, corporate world, and several non-profit organizations. Thus, this survey can be very informative and educational besides filling up your pockets.

8. Online market research with TeenEyes

This site is basically an online market research firm where companies that specialize in making teen-oriented products and services such as music, clothing, accessories, etc. put up relevant surveys. They do this to know their target customer’s preferences.

So, if you are looking for online jobs for high school students, then you can participate in the test surveys of this site and gain points which can be later encashed in the form of a check. Explore more about TeensEyes here.

9. Online teaching with LearnToBe

If you are looking for online jobs for 15-year olds with no experience, then you can become an online tutor at LearnToBe and teach a subject of your choice to younger students in return for some monetary gains.

10. Online tutoring with Samespeak

Get an excellent opportunity to help people learn to converse in English from all around the world. You can provide your valuable knowledge of English directly from your home via Skype.

Thus, this job for teens online helps them earn $10 for a 30-minute English tutoring session that can be encashed later into the PayPal account.

11. Online gigs with Fiverr

Is there a young writer in you? If so, then you can come to this platform to write content and enhance your content writing skills right from their college days. You can also perform various other gigs, opportunities like graphic designing jobs can also be found on this site by bidding for them.

As you gain experience, you can increase your charges.

Fiverr is a perfect place to look for online jobs for college students.

12. Freelancing with UpWork

Another excellent platform for finding online jobs for teenagers that pay is at UpWork. Here, plenty of freelancing opportunities can be found directly from companies.

Teens who are 18 years of age can get a variety of work opportunities like proofreading jobs, content writing jobs, editing, data entry jobs, and even logo designing work.

13. Customer care representative with U-Haul

Here is another online job opportunity for teenagers who can work as customer care executives from home to make truck reservations and book appointments for storage facilities on behalf of people.

Teenagers in need of money can take up work on a full-time basis with U-Haul too for 25-32 hours of time commitment every week.

14. Review music with Slice the Pie

Want to make money online while listening to music? Here is an easy way to make money while listening to a musical clip and leave a review for it on the website.

Besides this, you could also review accessories and ad video clips. Learn more about SliceThePie.

15. Data entry job with Clickworker

If you need online jobs for 16-year olds at home, then you can find data entry jobs as online data entry transcription work at this platform.

Freelancers can get paid around $9-$10 for an hour’s work. Visit ClickWorker.

16. Voiceover Artist

Become a voiceover artist for television commercials, radio shows, and even animated shows and gain lots of bucks in a legitimate manner.

17. Blogging

With an adult’s help, you can easily set up and host your own blog at WordPress. You can easily choose a niche as per your interest and start putting up catchy articles and important information about it.

You must check my detailed guide on – How to Create a Blog for Free.

Once your blog has garnered enough traffic in the form of readers and followers, you can then start endorsing products or earn money via affiliate links.

18. Instagram Influencer

Influence masses on Instagram by sharing your experiences about a particular brand or product, post cute pictures while you are trying a particular outfit or cosmetic product, upload engaging IGTV videos and stories. This is quite a nice online work opportunity for teens these days.

Once you have gained a good number of followers and views on each post, then you can begin making money through this social media platform.

19. Create and sell on Etsy Store

Do you have a creative flair? Well, what are you waiting for? Open an Etsy Store today and sell your handmade art, handicrafts, vintage products, craft supplies, etc.

This is not just an online job opportunity for teens but rather a business opportunity that young adults can set up from a very young age.

20. Open an online store on Amazon or eBay

If you can procure some products easily from a physical store or you specialize in making customized products on your own, then you can open your store on Amazon or eBay.

Thus, you can either become a dealer of products or sell your own goods at the biggest online shopping platforms in the world and earn a fortune.

21. Sell on Cafepress

You can make and sell gifts in the world’s best gift shop. Cafepress offers a great online work opportunity for teens as young as 13-year olds.

Kids and teenagers with a passion for designing and with artistic skills can sell anything starting from t-shirts, home décor items, stickers, greeting cards, and other stationery items. Thus, they can earn a percentage of the sale amount from their sold products through Cafepress.

22. Test Websites

Several websites, like UserTesting.com or TestingTime.com, provide opportunities for testing websites or mobile applications.

So, this can be an excellent online job opportunity for college students who have a fair idea of coding and application development.

23. Virtual Assistant

Become a virtual assistant and help business owners with a variety of tasks like booking appointments, editing presentations, posting on social media sites for their social accounts on their behalf, and a lot more.

24. Endorse a brand

Get rewards in the form of $10 for bringing new students to the site of Boostapal according to their Boostapal Ambassador Program. Each time your contacts (called boosters) shop at the Boostapal mall, you will gain money.

The best part is that joining this program is absolutely free of cost, and it’s also free for your boosters.

25. Sell books on BookScouter

You can sell your old textbooks and other used books on this platform. BookScouter has book buyback vendors who purchase back old textbooks by paying you a suitable amount.

Earn easily in your teens and spend wisely

So, this is all about the best summer jobs for teenagers to help you earn your pocket money effortlessly by working online. Besides learning basic tricks to work online and acquiring some bucks, you can also learn how to invest your money and grow it from an early age.

With the online jobs mentioned above, you can effectively gain financial independence from a young age and build your own empire from scratch.

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