Most Profitable Online Business Ideas [$500 a Day]

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Profitable Online Business Ideas

Profitable online business ideas can help you get that extra cash you always wished to have. Are you trying to find out that one business that can help you earn money online?

Several factors impact your profitability from an online business. Globalization, capitalism, and different technological trends can make a massive difference to the online business you practice.

Well, if you are surfing through the million ideas and if you are already confused, go no further. Through this article, we bring you some of the most profitable online business ideas that you can implement to make your life easier.

Let us browse through some of the businesses that can help you make $500 a day minimum in a few months.

Best Profitable Online Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs


It is the best online business today if you know something very well. Training is an excellent way to educate the world about everything that you know as an expert. In return, you can earn comfortably from it.

You train others with your experience, and in return, you charge a sum.

Many people are trying to learn from other’s mistakes and do not want to commit the same errors again and again. Instead of trying to commit the same mistakes, they try to take a course and learn from similar experiences.

If there is something valuable that you can teach others, it would be good that you create groups. You can use different skillset as a parameter to create separate groups.

Conduct online training course and sell courses that will work for your audience or will benefit people. That’s how you can spread your learning and in return, keep earning from it.

Opt for a medium of training through Zoom, Gotowebinar, and other such sites. Choosing a topic or a niche would make all the difference for you.

While planning for your online training business, stick to your area of interest, even if it is not a popular field. Remember, you must be comfortable in what you teach rather than being a teacher of a subject you know very little about.

Know your audience and design your content accordingly.

Market your business in a smart way: Use a direct webinar, promote directly through ads, and run your online business as though you rule it.


Creating a blog and publishing valuable facts and details for a topic you know best is what bloggers do. A lot of good quality content, when presented properly, can make your blogs sell.

People usually search for Google for their queries nowadays, and some of the popular topics that have been widely explored include:

  • Advertising
  • Sell your products
  • Sell digital products
  • Try to write paid guest posts
  • Sell e-books and cheat sheets.
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Cooking

So, if you can make a blog that runs around these topics, then chances are that your blog would soon be visited by many people, given you have good content. In this way, you can ensure a stable online business out of your blogging niche.

But again, if you are not an expert in the niche given above, do not worry. Just stick to the subject you are comfortable with, and make sure you know your topic well, even if the niche is unfamiliar.


Freelancing is another option that is mostly in demand. Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer are some of the regular sites that are used by many people to get jobs regularly. In freelancing, you offer your skills, and for your work, you get paid.

There are different skills that you can offer to people. App development, photography, video editing, and voicing, SEO, digital marketing, content writing, and even designing are some areas of expertise where you can lend your services.

To freelance, you have to choose your niche, develop your freelancing ideas around it, and make sure you know what you are choosing.

Sign up in the various online freelance platforms and build your freelance portfolio on these sites. Ensure your portfolio is strong enough and mention your contact details.

Now, fill up the price for which you would do the work. For content writers, you must mention your PPW (pay per word).

Market yourself and try to build a network of your own. You can also include some free services that can grab you some potential deals. Once your online freelance business catches up, you might end up running a big business from your backyard.

Sell Digital Products

Are you trying to sell different types of digital products? If so, you might have to set up your account on other platforms.

E-books, music, informative goods, SaaS products, webinar recordings, and all those downloadable files that can be sold are primarily digital goods.

Shopify, WordPress, WooCommerce, Podia, Teachable, and your websites are some of the platforms where you can sell your digital rights. New digital products usually bring good profit margins over some time.

Website Flipping

Website flipping is quite a new concept. In this business, you have to create a platform, make it successful enough for others to notice and then you have to sell it off to someone at an attractive price.

Sometimes, it also involves buying an existing website. Repairing, improvising, optimizing, and also improving the performance of the website as well as its visibility are some of the tasks that you might have to do before you think of selling it off again.

This way, you could purchase it at a lesser price, and you can sell it out at a price that suits your pocket.

You don’t have to invest much in this process. You can buy and create a domain for just $60-70, and after making it successful, you can sell off your website business for profit.

Based on the popularity you have created around the site, you can derive a profit from it. You might also need to spend money on the SEO (search engine optimization) of the site.

App Development

Are you an engineer or have you learned app development? If so, why not try independently.

Not many know that PayPal was designed by Elon Musk and sold to eBay; he made a profit of $180 million.

If you think you can develop good apps, try developing an app on anything close to your heart and try selling it out to someone. It is a business that can be done independently and ensures sound returns on many occasions.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is all about supporting someone else’s business and in doing so, deriving a profit out of it. If you can help get customers to other’s websites, then a small gain from the sale would be shared with you by them.

This way, they earn by bringing more people to your site, and you earn as more and more people buy your products.

You might need to have a good website, and you might need to have a good fan following on your page. These people should have similar interests in products that you are trying to market in the process.

There is no investment in this regard except that you might have to build your own website.

Amazon FBA

There is something called “Fulfillment by Amazon,” where you have to spend some $2000-$2500 to begin the Amazon FBA business.

So all you got to do is find out which sellers are ready to sell you right quality products at low prices, cheaper than the market rate. If you have started an Amazon FBA business, then you can buy such products and can sell them online on Amazon.

Amazon allows you to handle everything starting from advertisements to shipping, billing your customers and a lot more can be done with Amazon.

There are some charges that you might have to pay Amazon in the process, but still, you can have a good profit out of it.

Again find your product niche, the ones you would like to sell, create your Amazon seller account, and then begin selling.

You will have to list your product along with the prices and Amazon does the rest of the work. Amazon offers a vast customer base worldwide, and for you and your products, the sky can only be your limit.

Digital Influencer

A digital influencer is a person who is capable of influencing social media and its followers. An influencer could be someone who is an expert in a particular area and quite efficiently dominate the market present available online.

There are different criteria for different sites like Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. On Instagram, the rules of earning might be different from that on YouTube, and you need to figure that out for yourself.

Using all these platforms can help you monetize the right way. Share your influencing experience, draw clients who invest in the right place, and don’t forget to analyze your audience.

Create a list of posts that are similar to your niche. In this way, you can know what others are doing and what you do not want to do in the process.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Business

SEO is everywhere nowadays. According to some predictions, it would grow by leaps and bounds in the coming years. The market is going to expand immensely.

SEO helps you with your Google ranking. Higher ranks would mean increased traffic and more clicks.

The ability to earn is limitless as an SEO expert in today’s world. You may need to invest in some paid tools like Ahrefs and SEM Rush for performing most of the SEO part.

In this business, offer your customers free audit of their site for the first time. During this audit take into consideration the customer’s traffic, keywords used, check for over-optimized keywords, and focus on the issue of duplicate content.

Few things can be rectified in less time but can do a lot towards improving your Google ranking.

Blog frequently and add more about paid services. Derive some statistics and show people how effective are your strategies and your work.


Dropshipping is equivalent to working as a mediator for selling other people’s products. Whenever you sell a product to a customer, the supplier does the supplying job for you.

So, as soon as you get the order, your supplier will ship the product out to the customer. Once the customer receives the product and as the deal comes to an end, you will get your share from the sale.

 You are on the benefit zone since you do not need to stock the goods you are selling. All you need to do is, showcase other’s products. However, dropshipping margins can slightly vary and can dwindle from 10%-15%.

The more suppliers you have, the higher you can scale up your business.


Finally, we would talk a little about consulting. Consulting online is not very different from online coaching. It depends on the number of experiences you have.

If you are quite experienced, you can start consultation services. You can share knowledge about small businesses, social media, and SEO (search engine optimization).

Some rapidly growing consultants help you with digital marketing, career consultation, business writing, editorial services, business, and taxes. One can hire a consultant for their expertise. Often a consultant can charge somewhere from $400-$500 every hour.

Try to add up to the digital presence and expertise, linking it with your LinkedIn and Instagram pages.


A small wrap up of the whole discussion brings us to a point where we can say that the above-mentioned ideas are the most profitable online businesses available. Many people test it before you and when done correctly can bring you profits in due course of time.

However, you can try unconventional ways of earning which are not tested by any. Sometimes, some people might not succeed in doing something. Instead, you might end up being successful. But yet, it might be right for you. Give either one of them a try! Make sure you never forget what interests you. This way, you’d do better.

Hope this guide can help you choose a money-making online business of your choice and fulfill your dream of working remotely from home or anywhere in the world.

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