How to Create Multiple YouTube Channels with One Gmail Account

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Create Multiple YouTube Channels

Earlier YouTubers needed to make a separate YouTube account for each YouTube channel. Each of these individual YouTube accounts was synced to different Google accounts further. Thus, it seemed as a cumbersome task to many people.

Phew! It must have been so annoying to sign in and out of multiple accounts.

I wonder how YouTubers were managing their channels back then. It must have required a lot of patience and management skills on their part to do so successfully.

Thankfully, times have changed now!

You can now create another YouTube channel with one Google account.

How to Create Multiple YouTube Channels with One Gmail?

Do you know how many YouTube channels can be created with one Gmail account now? Well, you can create up to 50 YouTube channels.

Isn’t that amazing?

So, let us now see how to create a second YouTube channel with single Google account just by pressing a couple of buttons here and there.

Difference between Personal YouTube Account and YouTube Business Account

Personal YouTube Account

As the name suggests, Personal YouTube Account is associated with a personal Google account. It is not particularly associated with any business or brand.

YouTube Brand Account

aka Business Account, a Brand Account is meant for your brand or business alone. Brand Account helps to create a market presence for your brand and engage the target audience. It helps to video market your brand, services, and products easily.

A Brand Account may be managed by several people. YouTube also provides managers to manage the Brand Account.

Before this, let me explain you briefly about the YouTube Business account as well as YouTube Personal account.

  • First of all, you have to log into your primary Google account.
  • Then, you have to make a new business account specifically for your YouTube channel.
  • Further, you need to sign into your primary YouTube account.
  • Then, you have to visit the YouTube Channel Switcher page.
YouTube Channel Switcher
  • You can then click on the “Create a new channel” option.
  • After this, assign a channel name.
  • Then, press the “Create” button.
  • With this, your new YouTube channel is all good to go.
  • Now, when you go to the YouTube Channel Switcher page, you should be able to see your newly created account.

Furthermore, you can now set up the new channel by doing the following things:

  1. Add a channel logo.
  2. Add a channel description.
  3. Adjust the settings as per your need.
  4. Enable the monetization options.

Once you have done all this, you can start uploading videos and earn through your YouTube channel.

How to Switch between YouTube Channels Easily?

As we have already informed you that YouTube has made the channel switching process simpler compared to the older times, therefore, on the top panel of your YouTube site screen, you should be able to see a “Switch account” option. Just click it and go to the respective channel.

So, on an ending note.

It can be said that if you want to gain YouTube channel subscribers and increase your profits substantially, then adding more number of YouTube channels is one great way of expanding your name and business. Even though doing this earlier was a daunting task, but now you can make multiple YouTube channels with one Gmail account easily. With the help of the steps given in the above tutorial, you can increase the number of channels and widen your reach for sure.

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