10 Sites to Find No Copyright Music for YouTube Videos

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No Copyright Music for YouTube

A video without audio effects feels incomplete, right?

So, using background music and audio effects for marketing the videos is an essential strategy for vloggers and video marketers. But obtaining no copyright music for YouTube is indispensable, to avoid getting into copyright infringement issues.

Mute videos aren’t appealing; similarly blocked videos on YouTube due to copyright tiffs can seem quite hassling for video content creators.

So, it’s always advisable to find the right kind of audio which won’t put you into any unprecedented situations. It isn’t always easy to get high-quality audio from a legalized place.

Did you know that more than 500 million hours of videos are viewed on YouTube every day? Additionally, 82% of Twitter and 45% of Facebook viewers watch video content on a daily basis.

87% of online marketers promote their products, services, and brands via videos these days. Thereby, the scope of video marketing has substantially enhanced in the present times.

If you create videos for YouTube then at some point in time, you might also be interested in, how to create multiple YouTube channels?

Thus, if you want to focus on video marketing and have invested hours in creating fabulous videos, then I’m here to help you find free background music for them.

Free Music Licenses

It might be very beneficial for you; especially if you are a newbie in this field, to know about the types of music license and various types of costs involved in acquiring background music for video marketing.

Royalty-free music

This kind of music is not free entirely but there is just a one-time licensing fee that needs to be paid to obtain the rights of the music. Thereafter, the musical piece or song can be used in whatever way the video content creator wishes to utilize it.

There is also no restriction at the number of times the vlogger wants to use the audio track.

Public Domain

This is an entirely free form of license. Video content creators don’t need the permission of the music or song composer to use their audio track as background music for their videos.

Creative Commons License

Youtube Creative Commons License

The Creative Commons license is also free that can give you permission to download and use a soundtrack in a video as background music.

However, the extent of freedom to use the musical track may vary from one license type to another. Here are the five forms of creative commons licenses:

  • CC0 – There is no restriction in using the audio track. It can be shared, published, modified, and commercialized freely.
  • CC BY – If you are giving credit of the work to the creator, then you can obtain an unrestricted license.
  • CC BY-SA – A license can be obtained to use the work, create its derivatives, and share it as well but the derivatives have to be distributed under the same license.
  • CC BY-ND – This kind of work has to be used in its original form. Users are not permitted to produce any derivative form, tweak it, or make remixes of this work.
  • CC BY-NC – This kind of license is not meant for commercial use.

Common Copyright Issues Faced by Creators on YouTube

What happens if you have used copyright-protected music for your YouTube videos?

Video content creators usually get into trouble due to this reason. It may not be intentional but somehow, such confusions might happen in the initial stages of video making.

This is because content creators end up using music from YouTube Audio Library. Most of the audio tracks and sound effects from YouTube’s Library are either licensed or need attribution.

Amateur content creators also end up searching for background music on Google. This also leads to copyright violations as creators are unaware of the copyright-protection status of audio works found on the search engine often.

Thus, the following are the three problems encountered due to the use of copyrighted audio work without complying with YouTube’s terms and conditions:


If you use copyrighted work, then you might stop earning from video views after copyright terms violation.

Copyright Strikes and Audio Muting

Another issue that can happen is that your YouTube channel might get copyright strike notices. Sometimes, the YouTube channel might also be suspended after receiving repeated copyright strike notices. YouTube might also mute the audio, which will make the video boring.

Legal Action

Copyrighted tracks if used without permission and attribution could also get into some kind of legal issues, though this is very rare.

Top Websites to Download No Copyright Music for YouTube

Wondering how to get free music for YouTube videos? Here are the ten best sites to help you on this quest.

1. YouTube Audio Library

This well-known source offers a great collection of non-copyright free music for YouTube. The “Create” section of YouTube hosts numerous musical tracks from a wide variety of genres.

Mostly audio tracks on YouTube Audio Library are either from the public domains or from Creative Commons. But if you are using any of the soundtracks from the YouTube Audio Library, then you need to attribute the composer to obtain the track for the videos.

It is recommended to check the YouTube Music Policies section before deciding to go for a particular track to avoid getting into copyright violation hassles.

Searching for a suitable musical track is easy with the help of the search functions on this popular platform. You can narrow down your search by browsing for the right audio track either genre-wise or track lengthwise.

2. ccMixter

This is a part of the Creative Commons project where you will find music from various musicians who excel at producing derivative works.

There are many single musicians and artists who upload original audio tracks and vocals as well. DJs remix up those tracks and put them up in the library.

Various video creators can acquire those no copyright music for themselves by attributing the music creators. Searching for audio tracks is possible through the search bar function or “tag search” page. Visit ccMixter

3. Free Music Archive

Our next pick in the category of getting royalty-free music for YouTube videos is FMA. Free Music Archive houses a large chunk of audio tracks by working with radio stations, independent musicians, and people with a passion for music-making. Musical compositions found at FMA are of professional quality.

The audio tracks and songs are licensed under Creative Commons majorly that can be downloaded and used as background music for the videos.

However, there might be some restrictions imposed on some tracks, so you need to be prudent with your search. Some audio tracks might be having a non-commercial license imposed upon it or require some other type of attribution.

Finding the right music as per your need and taste is easy because you can browse for the music as per the genre, song title, duration, type of license, etc. Check out the free music archive here.

4. Envato Market

The next recommended source of acquiring copyright-free music for YouTube is Envato Elements. Envato opens doors to more than 20000 audio tracks for video marketers, uploaded by composers and singers from all across the world. Envato Market is also known as AudioJungle.

Users need to give only a one-time subscription fee to gain access to the humongous library of music and audio effects. Though Envato Market works on a one-time subscription fee, still there is no evident copyright expiration problem encountered ever.

Browsing and downloading music is easy from this site. It also offers music kits that can help you customize the tracks as per your taste.

The benefit of using  Envato doesn’t end here. Users can access thousands of video templates and video effects with Envato too.

All you have to do is download numerous good music and video templates and put them up on your YouTube channel.

5. SoundCloud

SoundCloud has some promising free background music that can be used for videos extensively. It stocks music and audio tracks from various artists and musicians and makes it readily available to its library. Thus, this is the best part of using SoundCloud as you can find some original music at your disposal.

Browsing for music is a breeze with the help of the filter search option. With SocialCloud, you can see which track has been preferred on social media and thus use it for its existing popularity USP.

6. Jamendo

Did you know Jamendo is a music streaming source of no copyright music, specially designed for YouTube advertisers and video marketers?

Users can search for background music on the basis of project type from the drop-down menu in the music library. This feature has been proven to be useful for content creators to help them narrow down the search.

You can also search for suitable music as per the featuring platform such as YouTube, Facebook, etc. Apart from this, there is also the usual search bar to find the right audio tracks and background music for your videos.

Song licensing is mainly under Creative Commons while you can also get royalty-free music on Jamendo.

You can either obtain a license for an audio track or go for the full subscription offer to gain unlimited access to their musical library.

7. Incompetech

Presented by American composer Kevin MacLeod, Incompetech is the most trusted source of royalty-free music. You can find an uncountable number of sound effects and free background music on this site.

The site interface is simple and user friendly, thereby making it explicitly easy to search for audio tracks based on several parameters.

8. Musopen

Next, we have Musopen, which is another excellent option to acquire some royalty-free music for YouTube videos. There is a vast range of music to suit different kinds of videos.

Through this site, you can find plenty of hit audio tracks for your YouTube videos. Browsing for tracks is also easy as per the instrument, composer, genre, etc.

9. Audioblocks

Audioblocks is next in our list of copyright-free music for YouTube videos. With more than one hundred thousand tracks on this site, you can get your hands on various royalty-free stock audio and loops.

You need to subscribe to the site for unlimited access to the music library. The filter search option makes browsing and downloading the right tracks quickly.

10. ccTrax

Lastly, we have ccTrax which is licensed under Creative Commons and includes a myriad of albums, soundtracks, songs, musical pieces, etc from a wide range of genres.

A quick search of the audio tracks is possible on this site based on the type of license, genres, tags, labels, artists, etc.

I believe we have enough resources to download music for a youtube video?

So, I am sure that after going through our comprehensive list of best sites for no copyright music for YouTube, you can incorporate wonderful audio tracks and background music into your specially tailored videos.

It is highly recommended to use royalty-free music for YouTube videos that can make your videos more captivating. You can pick a music source of your choice from the above list and hence widen your reach in the market through video marketing.

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