51+ Small Business Ideas For Kids and Young Entrepreneurs

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Business Ideas For Kids

Entrepreneurship is neither age-restricted nor limited by the number of degrees one has or the years of experience one has acquired. Hence it can be taken up by anyone and at anytime. So, if you are looking up on the internet for some exciting business ideas for kids, then you are in the right article.

You would be amazed to know that when it comes to entrepreneurship, age is just a number. There are young entrepreneurs in the world today who have begun quite early in life with their ideas and visions.

For example; Hannah Grace was 10-year old when she started her own bath bomb business known as BeYoutiful.

Similarly, Sofi Overton came up with the idea of introducing leggings and socks with pockets and thus came up Wise Pocket. There are so many of them with numerous brilliant ideas and works that it’s probably difficult to mention all of them here. But what I am trying to draw your attention towards is that if you have an idea and want to be a kid entrepreneur, then you definitely can.

51 business ideas for kids in 2020

Below we have enlisted 51 kid’s business ideas for you to help you find out the best one for yourself.

1. Inventor

Kids and teens have a lot of creative ideas. You can easily transform them to either new products or sell the idea to someone who can manufacture and turn the concept into a wholesome product.

2. Software Developer

Coding is the most trending thing on the planet right now and so it can open new paths even for kids like the rest of the world. App development offers a magnificent opportunity for teenage entrepreneurs to initiate their own start-ups.

3. Launching Candy Business

It is quite a common belief that we do best in things towards which we have a natural knack instead of something that’s not our thing. For kids, candies and chocolates are a source of happiness. Naturally, they can excel at reselling their favourite sweets and candies. Thus, opening candy merchandise can be a lucrative business for kids.

4. Pet Sitting

Another best kid-focused business idea involves taking care of pets, taking the pets for walks, pet grooming, pet training and pet sitting the pooches. Pets are again easy to relate to, and kids can find joy as well as interest in them easily.

5. Writing Kids Books

Journaling at a young age can help kids or teens write up interesting stories, poems etc. Self-publishing and online publishing is so easy these days. Hence, becoming an author at a young age can offer great scope for teens these days.

6. Painting and Illustrations

If your kid has a knack for painting, drawings, making illustrations, then this could be another great small business idea for teens.

There are international contests offering cash prizes, scholarships, etc. So, certainly children and young teens can participate in such opportunities or work for publications.

7. Singing and Music

Kids can be trained at a very early age for singing and playing numerous musical instruments. So, they can get some commendable opportunities with recording studios, theatres and plays, or even at neighbourhood celebrations.

8. Voice Artist

Numerous animated shows and movies actually use the voice of small children and teenagers for voicing the show or movie characters.

9. Greeting Card Maker

Starting an own line of greeting card designing and making is another excellent kid-focused business idea. Getting started is a breeze and personalized hand-made cards can be sold in the local markets or online stores.

10. Gift Basket Creator

What a fantastic idea to make and deliver gift baskets? Gift basket making can serve as quite a promising business idea for kids nowadays given the demand for it is so huge.

11. Gift Wrapping Services

This kind of services can be relatively easy to offer on a child’s part and doesn’t need any specialized training or upskilling. It can be quite profitable during festive seasons.

12. Accompanying Elderly People

Helping seniors can serve like an excellent side hustle, especially during vacations. Merely giving them company, helping them take a stroll around, assisting them with grocery shopping, etc can be quite an easy task for youngsters.

13. Starting a YouTube Channel

Ranging from making funny videos, tutorials to reviewing toys, YouTube has proven to be a source of gaining popularity and earning in millions for many young entrepreneurs. Ryan Kaji, Anastasia Radzinskaya, and many more have made a place for themselves in the world through YouTube.

14. Podcast Creations

With some adult help, making podcasts can also prove to be a small business idea for teens.

15. Dancing

This could again be an exciting opportunity for small children and teens who have a natural inclination towards dance. Training kids from a young age in the ballad or classical forms of dance is again not very hard.

The best part of this kid’s business idea is that they can find a plethora of opportunities to showcase their talent in various dance competitions or work with international dance groups.

16. Crafts

Sewing, knitting, crocheting is another splendid way to set up a small business for kid entrepreneurs.

17. Lemonade Seller

Nothing can beat the scorching summer heat better than lemonade. So, if you are wondering what could be a cool business idea this summer, then you can certainly count on this idea. Put up a lemonade stand in the residential area or make and sell lemonade products in the nearby departmental store.

18. T-Shirt Designing

Teenage entrepreneurs can design and sell their own line of t-shirts online these days without any hefty investments from your end.

19. Balloon Artist

During parties, festivals, and fairs making balloons of various designs and selling them can be quite a booming business opportunity for kid entrepreneurs.

20. Magician

Magical tricks at birthday parties can be extremely entertaining for kids even nowadays. So, being an illusionist or magician is another business option for kids and teens.

21. Juggling

If you have some unique talent in juggling, then this could also serve as a side hustle for some fast cash.

22. Costume Designer

Whether it’s Halloween or just a fancy dress party, you can make some fabulous costumes with the help of someone and sell it those who want to wear theme costumes.

23. Book Seller

Selling books online or on Amazon is another easy way of beginning the entrepreneurial journey at a young age as this option neither requires much of technical expertise or any specific set of knowledge. Additionally, it can be started without the need of much capital.

24. Shoveling Snow

Winters can be quite difficult in countries with a temperate climate due to snow deposition on roads and pathways. So, all that a young adult needs to do is pick up a shovel and begin removing the snow for the entire neighbourhood in exchange for small tips.

25. Recycling

Teaching kids how to recycle used products can be fun and simultaneously serve as a kid-focussed business idea.

26. Making DIY Products

Teens can busy themselves in making wonderful DIY products ranging from body soaps, natural fragrances, deodorants, hair products, etc from all naturally available ingredients. Such products can be sold online or in local stores.

27. Maintaining Lawns and Yards

Those who have a profound knack towards gardening, they can take up such tasks and build a business from it. Young entrepreneurs can look into this business cum service idea of cleaning lawns, mowing them down, tending to plants, and raking leaves, etc.

28. Food Tester

Kids can volunteer to test and review foods made for kids. Thus, they can collaborate with various food manufacturing companies for kids and earn a handsome amount.

29. Working as Online Resellers

Amazon and eBay online stores can also serve as reselling platforms where kids can resell used toys and other items. This will give them adequate exposure to the e-commerce business and help them learn a great deal about the way they operate.

30. Young DJ

Our next pick for kid’s business idea is serving as a DJ in parties, fundraisers, and other occasions. All they need is a few handy equipments like speakers, microphone, laptop and some good music to suit the occasion.

31. Photography

If you have an eye for spotting the extraordinary in the ordinary, then all you need to do is invest in a good DSLR, and you are good to go. Photography is all about having an interest in capturing interesting shots and selling them to magazines, online sites, etc.

32. Modelling

Here is another small business idea for kids and teens. There are plenty of ad agencies, modelling agencies and the hunt for good kid and teen models is always on for various online as well as print media ads. Kids are always a great way of promoting a wide range of products.

33. Making Treats for Dogs

Teenage entrepreneurs can opt for opening the doggo treat business. Preparing these recipes is not at all hard. Cookies for dogs, dog bones, etc can be easily sold online to make some good profits.

34. Social Media Marketing

As a teen, you can offer to manage the social handles for local businesses. You can charge a pretty handsome amount for digitally managing the social media sites of several businesses.

35. Nail Designing Artist

If you are looking for a funky kid’s business ideas, then here is it. Nowadays, DIY tutorials plus the availability of a great range of products can help teens open a nail décor outlet anywhere. They can further attract masses of all age groups to get their nails decked up for parties, events, competitions, photoshoots, etc.

36. Selling Hot Beverages

Another way to make your kid-centric business a huge success is by selling hot beverages like cappuccino, tea, milk, and hot chocolate at a corner stand in parks or local events.

37. Selling Organic Products

Massive demand for home-grown organic vegetables and fruits has made this business opportunity quite a promising one for young entrepreneurs these days. Fresh farm eggs and chicken can also add to the products being sold for attracting more number of customers.

38. Digitizing & Selling Old Photos

A scanning machine at home and a bit of editing skills can prove to be another excellent business idea for young minds to transform old photos.

39. Washing Windows

Cleaning car windows at gas stations or traffic signals and making them squeaky clean is another quick way of filling up the pockets with some fast cash.

40. Car Washing

Kids can offer to wash cars and earn some fast cash easily for themselves. Not only this, but they can also offer to clean and vacuum out the insides of the car and earn a great deal of money quickly.

41. Florist Shop

With an adult’s aid, setting a florist shop at a busy signal can be another brilliant kid-focused business idea. Floral bouquets are always in demand and suit all kinds of occasions. So, this business will always prosper and keep the cash rolling in.

42. Tutoring

Teens at high school can spare sometime in the evenings and weekends to teach kindergarten and junior school kids for some gains in return.

43. Babysitter

Are you still looking for more business options? Babysitting during vacations can fetch some bucks easily.

44. Face Painter

Got to go to a match or social event? You can call upon your neighbourhood face painter to get your face painted according to your choice. So, you see this could be an amazing business idea for kid entrepreneurs which could thrive and give you good scope to make money on your own.

45. Event Planner

Teens can begin by planning and organizing small events, parties, and neighbourhood gatherings and slowly set up their business in similar lines as they grow up.

46. Blogging & Vlogging

Writing online and video blogging can offer some splendid opportunity for teenage entrepreneurs nowadays, as these are quite trending activities.

47. Jewellery Designing

Designing funky jewels and junks can be quite a simple yet profitable business for youngsters.

48. Baking

Under adult supervision, baking could be a lucrative business for youngsters. You could sell baked products at local stores or online stores and earn a fortune for yourself.

49. Cake Decorator

You can also be cake decorator at local stores or social events. It’s easy, simple, and can bring in some money.

50. Personal Shopper

If you have an exquisite sense of fashion, then you can offer your assistance to many people in their shopping spree and help them choose the right products for themselves. In return, you can charge a fee that suits your needs and build a profitable business.

51. Acting in Plays and Series

Kids and teens can find plenty of acting opportunities nowadays in local channels, plays, theatres, Broadway, international film projects, and even web series without even any formal training.

If you still need some more ideas then check our guide on Best Side Hustle Books

So, this was all about small business ideas for kids. If you have a knack, then probably the best time to nurture it is now instead of waiting for years to grow up and then launch your own business.

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