11 Best Sites for Blogging

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best sites for blogging

If you are seriously considering blogging in your free time or as a full-time profession, then you must know the best blog websites that can suffice your needs.

If blogging is new for you, then there might be millions of things that are crossing your mind like – which is the way to get started, how to find a cheaper platform, how to attract traffic, and what not!

Hence we have this article for you to take a look at the best blog sites that can furnish excellent features and cater to most of your needs at a reasonable price. Before we take a dip deeper into the topic, we would put a bit of emphasis on the two types of blogging platforms.

The first type of platform is known as CMS (Content Management System) where you build a website, take a domain, and then host your blog on it.

CMS apps are designed in a user-friendly manner so that even amateurs can begin blogging without the need to tweak the code. An ancient method but certainly the most prevalent one as you can have more control over your website. Some well known CMS platforms are WordPress, Wix, Joomla, etc.

The second type of blogging platform is using a ready-made social media platform. Being currently in trend now, you can get started immediately with your existing social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc. and what’s more exciting is that you already have an existing reader base.

Without wavering much, let us jump to the details of the five best blogging platforms of 2020.

11 Best Sites for Blogging

Below are the best blog sites that can make blogging immensely easy. Most of these sites are free, so you can begin blogging without the need to invest much in it from your end.

Linkedin – Best for Professionals

Linkedin for most people is a job finding site; however, not many are perhaps aware of it being a blog publishing platform too. It is one of the best blogging platforms that connect various professionals from all around the world. Hence it is quite an exquisite site to begin your blogging venture. 

With approximately 590 million members, LinkedIn can give your blogs a scope to access a huge crowd and become a hit instantly. 

So, on the plus side of it, LinkedIn gives you a huge reader base and is apt for business bloggers. It has commendable features to suit your blogging needs and is already an established professional as well as a social network site. 

If you are a content writer or belong to any other professional sector, then you can blog easily about the latest trends and news of your professional sector. This way, your network can gain first-hand information about the relevant professional sphere and thereby, connect to your blogs immensely.

You have the option to either post a feed or an article. Posts are limited by 1300 characters, whereas articles can be longer and more vivid. Articles can reach a wider audience and hence help you grow your network and followers.

Additionally, you get helpful tools to pull relevant stats on engagement and performance.

WordPress – Best Blogging Platform So Far

WordPress is quite a widely used blogging platform and is undoubtedly the best blogging site. Almost 38% of websites are built on WordPress, including bloggers, Fortune 500 company websites, and small businesses too.

One thing that I would like to draw your attention to is the difference between WordPress.org and WordPress.com. This is because people often confuse between these two when starting their blog. 

WordPress.org is the actual WordPress which is an open-source platform, that provides access to unlimited plugins, widgets, and tools. Hence you can build a flexible site for yourself. You can acquire a domain, purchase web hosting, and you should be good to go. This is why it is also known as self-hosted WordPress. 

What could be more interesting than having something that is an open-source platform that you can customize and code according to your need? Another advantage is the availability of the Yoast plugin to optimize your blogs and articles easily. But WordPress might need a little exploration from your end to design your website correctly. 

WordPress.com, on the other hand, comes with five hosting plans: free (with limited features), personal  ($48/year), premium ($96/year), business ($300/year), eCommerce (540/year), VIP (starts at $5000/month). The stark difference of this from WordPress.org is that you get a lot of storage space as per your plan. Another thing is that you don’t have to worry about backups and updates.

WebFlow – Best Visual Blogging Platform

Webflow is an in-browser tool, and you can have a lot of power while designing your page through Webflow. It was launched in 2013 and is an all-in-one ready-to-use platform.

It is one of the most competitive blogging platforms for writers and businesses.

So, some things that set Webflow apart from other blogging platforms include the following characteristics – you can use the CSS classes again and again. In this site, the visual editor can use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for running the show appropriately.

Thus, Webflow is a SaaS application and designers can build websites that respond appropriately. It can help you build a custom database and can help you better since you don’t have to install anything with complete automatic updates and no PHP. It is a good alternative that you can use to build a site.

Instagram – Best for Social Media Enthusiasts

Instagram is one of the platforms that allow you to perfect microblogging social media sites. Blogs can allow you to write more, Instagram, on the other hand, enable you to express more using different mediums- pictures, short paragraphs, and emojis.

The best part of using Instagram for blogging is that by simply placing a few hashtags, you can connect your writeup with similar writing forms and expressions.

It can offer you more in-depth tools handy and quite user-friendly. Most Instagram users are just not active on the platform; they are kind of engaged and quite aware. 

It is a lot nicer where every single person tries to harness the power of 1 billion businesses.

Facebook – Best for All Ages

Facebook is what can be called the grand old man of this entire culture that came up once upon a time. 

Blog writing is by the use of a lot of microblogging through Facebook. Creating a Facebook page for your craft/business is the best way to connect to people, and Facebook Creator Studio is one of the best dashboards for your use. You can post videos, go live, post gifs, and get real recommendations using Facebook.

Facebook has 1.4 billion daily users which is indeed a huge number to focus on, when working on brand building and has come up as the biggest pros of using Facebook.

Going live had never been easier ever without Facebook and Instagram within reach of the common masses. 

So folks, if you are getting bored in 2020, then blogging would be one fantabulous way of killing your boredom and keeping yourself busy even at home.

There are a variety of niches available to blog upon starting from travel, entertainment, social issues, beauty products, electronics, and software, etc. So, pick a suitable blogging platform from the above-recommended sites and start blogging about your favorite topic.

Wix – Best Blog Builder

If you own a small business and are looking for a good website to start your blog, then Wix is a perfect choice for you. You can create your small business website, or your eCommerce store using their drag and drop builder. You get hundreds of beautiful templates to build your website, in which you can also integrate your blog.


  • You can use the various options of templates and customize your site as you want.
  • The easy to use graphical interface lets you achieve everything. You do not need any coding skills for that.
  • It makes use of HTML5 to build everything.
  • Mobile optimized.
  • It uses Artificial Intelligence to design your blog.
  • The free stock images available in Wix makes it best for the creative artists.


  • The free account on Wix has limited capabilities and storage space of 500 MB. Moreover, a free account will display Wix branding, wixsite in your blog URL, and ads.
  • The e-commerce capabilities of Wix are less, even on paid plans.


The Wix platform gives subscription-based offers. You will have to choose your custom domain and pay for higher plans to get more bandwidth and storage, free domains, etc. The higher plans will also remove Wix advertisements.

Medium – Best Traditional Blogging Platform

If you are looking for a free blogging platform to begin your blog, then Medium is one of the best in the market. It gives you a space to share your thoughts and perspective with a range of in-built audiences. Because of this feature, Medium blogging platform has become so popular and a go-to choice for many. Starting a blog on Medium is easy.

Simply sign up and publish your posts on Medium or other publications. You can also embed content and videos from YouTube, Vine, Twitter, etc. This platform will also display the time taken to read your post.

It helps your readers to know if they had that time to invest in reading it or bookmark it for later. Medium recommends that your post should be over 400 words with high-quality photos and compelling headings.


  • This blogging platform is great for starters and those interested to curate unique content.
  • You can easily and quickly sign up with their excellent user interface.


  • You get very few options to customize the blog according to you.
  • You have no control over your content.
  • You can’t migrate the content to another site.
  • There is a limit to marketing features on Medium.


Medium blogging site is free to use.

Squarespace – Best All-In-One Premium Blog Site

If you need a blog builder to give you the freedom to create your blog your way, then Squarespace is the best option for you. It offers a variety of customization features so that you can make changes as per your needs. The best part about using this platform is that you do not need to have any knowledge of coding.

Squarespace is great for business bloggers as this platform also gives the opportunity to expand their services. You can also know where your traffic is coming from by using the analytics dashboard. Using this, you will also get to know which pages of your blog are most visited and how your audience is engaging with your posts.


  • This blogging site is quite easy to use and beginner-friendly.
  • You will not need a separate host and custom domain. Squarespace includes the two.
  • You can choose from different professional design templates.
  • It includes built-in SSL encryption and eCommerce functionality.
  • You get full time (24/7) support.


  • You can only use the features that come with the platform.
  • There are only a few third-party integrations.
  • There is a limit on the number of pages and contributors in the personal plan.


Squarespace plans are paid monthly or yearly. You only need to pay for what you really need.

Tumblr – Best Microblogging Platform

Tumblr is another popular blog builder tool that is available for free. You can share your photos, quotes, articles, etc. with others on this blogging, microblogging, and social networking site builder platform.

Being easy to use, most of the young bloggers choose this platform to start their blog. Using their site builder, you can share a wide variety of things with others without much effort.

According to statistics, Tumblr hosts over 417 million blogs. Let us take a look at the pros and cons of using Tumblr so that you get a clear picture of this blogging platform.


  • Being the easiest to use blogging platform, most beginners prefer to start their blog on this.
  • Many people create their blog on Tumblr because of the integrated social media element it utilizes.
  • Unlike any other social media site, you get the option of customizing your page according to your needs.


  • On comparing with other blogging sites, you get just a few features with Tumblr.
  • You can choose from an extensive collection of themes on Tumblr, you cannot format according to your needs.
  • If you want to export your site to some other platform, it is going to be a tough road.


You can start your blog on Tumblr for free and give it a nice custom domain name.

You can select from either of the following plans:

  • Personal plan, which is for $16/month.
  • Business plan, which is for $26/month.

Weebly – Best for Building Blogs Quickly

Weebly is another free of cost blogging platform, which is great for those who want to maintain a website, blog, or online store on their website. You can get a range of easy to use features on this platform.

You do not need any know-how on coding because of the amazing drag and drop feature it offers. You can sign up using the free plan and get some practice in writing and constructing a blog. You cannot change and customize HTML or CSS on this platform, but you can quickly create and update your blog on this platform.


  • This drag-and-drop blog building tool is easy to use and so is great for beginners.
  • It has a good selection of mobile apps.
  • You get strong SEO features on Weebly.
  • Google Analytics.


  • There is a limit to the number of third-party integrations.
  • Exporting your site to another platform can be difficult.


Although Weebly offers a free account, it gives only 500MB storage space which also includes Weebly branding and a subdomain. Let’s take a look at the paid plans:

  • You have to pay $4 every month for the initial plan, which comes with a custom domain.
  • The higher-tier plans will cost you around $8-$25 a month. This will include site statistics, membership options, video backgrounds, and other features.
  • The eCommerce plan will cost a little higher, but you can create an online store using this plan.

Blogger – Blogging Site By Google

Blogger is among the free blogging sites that are quite easy to use if you are beginning to write your own blog. You just have to write the content that you want to share, add pictures, and publish it.

Unlike various other blogging platforms, this one lets you edit HTML and add widgets to the blog. Being a Google service, you can start your blog using your Google account. You can only learn to blog on this platform since it has no option to upgrade.


  • This easy to use blogging site is beginner-friendly.
  • You will not have to worry about things like blog hosting, and maintenance.
  • It offers you to choose from the several mobile-responsive templates.
  • This platform is Google-friendly and integrates with many Google products.


  • You get just a few blogging tools.
  • It does not allow integration with third-party apps and services.
  • You get a few design options.
  • It displays ads on your blog.


Although there is a limit to functionality and design options with Blogger, it is popular because it is free of cost. You don’t have to worry about hosting, bandwidth, and server maintenance.


The best blogging site that you get for free

If you are a beginner in the world of blogging, then I would suggest you start your journey with a Medium blogging platform. You get a variety of useful features on this website for free.

You will get to know how many people read your blog and also where the traffic originated from. Its simplicity and ease of using make it popular among small business owners and professional freelancers.

However, if you are ready to invest a little, then…

WordPress.org or self-hosted WordPress would be my recommendation. You get a complete set of tools and a variety of plugins and design themes that help you save time and money. However, you just have to spend a little amount on hosting and a domain name.

Don’t forget to read our detailed guide on – Create a Blog

One thing which I like most about WordPress is complete ownership of your blog or a website.

With WordPress.org you can get a blog of your style. And yes it also is beginner-friendly. AfterFiveHustle runs on WordPress as well (I’m probably a little bias here).

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